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1952 : The Company PERRIN  manufactures the « Salt Block »,  food complement especially designed for  to attract and retain the pigeons at dovecot – 60 years later  the «  PERRIN block » is a flagship product of the establishment and do not always belies its qualifier : « PREFERRED choice for pigeons and poultry”

Current  2009 :To meet and prevent beaks marks in poultry, PERRIN develops the "Block Farming MADOX antipic" which became  the leading product recognized by breeders.

January 2012:  PERRIN manufactures according to the specifications of a Taiwanese importer, a specific mineral dietary supplement intended for racing pigeon SOUTH ASIAN.

April 2013 :  PERRIN makes for an application related to hunting, an exclusive and specific bloc , very attractive and rich in minerals and trace elements , for boar on hunting areas.

Currently :  new products for ranges « hunting » and « farming » are being  developed in response to specific customers requests.